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Puppy Perfect is a puppy training app with a difference from it’s fun and original design to it’s many features. Puppy Perfect contains tons of useful information to ensure that you and your puppy get off to the best possible start and avoid costly mistakes in the early stages. It’s also packed with useful interactive tools to help make puppy ownership enjoyable and easy. Download the app today to get started!

About the App

Puppy Perfect is the ideal app to have at your fingertips when getting to grips with new puppy ownership. It’s much more than a training app and contains various features and tools some of which are detailed here. It contains lots of useful information and enables you to set up your own pooch profile. In fact you can set up multiple profiles should you have more than one puppy or dog in your life. This unique feature means that you can record all the important information about your pet in one convenient place.

Why is training so important?

An unruly pup might seem funny at first but as your new pooch matures behavioral issues can become problematic. Teaching your pup how to behave will not only make for an easier more enjoyable experience later on but also help establish a strong bond between you and your dog. Each time you teach your puppy a new trick your puppy will love you even more. They crave attention and love to please and constant positive reinforcement is a must. Getting the training right in the early stages is of crucial importance as confusing your dog through bad technique will make the process much harder and less enjoyable. Puppy Perfect provides clears easy to read instructions as well as simple illustrations and cue commands.

Socializing your puppy is crucially important!

This app makes it easy with the ‘Socialization Planner’. It breaks down the many scenarios to which you must introduce your puppy. As a new owner you must ensure you expose your puppy to as many different real life scenarios as possible in the first few weeks. It is particularly important to do this before your puppy starts to feel fear. This instinct will naturally occur as the puppy moves beyond 10 – 14 weeks generally so don’t delay in socializing your dog. If you miss the short window you could end up with a skittish dog and trying to teach your dog to be comfortable with certain scenarios once they have matured can be very hard work indeed. The aim of the planner is to simply place as many ticks into each of the boxes as you can during your puppy’s various developmental stages. It’s a great feature and will really help you with this important task.

Create a puppy profile!

Another great feature of Puppy Perfect is the ability to personalize your app by setting up your pooch profile. In doing this the app will make you aware of important factors and considerations via a notifications panel. The notifications will act as a prompt and on occasion will direct you to useful 3rd party sites to provide you with more information on a given topic. This tool is intended to ensure you have everything covered with regards to your Puppy’s welfare.


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