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Lose weight naturally and easily by understanding behaviours and thought processes that drive you to eat when you’re not hungry. No calorie counting or complex systems needed with this innovative, simple and easy to use premium app.

Hunger Diagnosis

The Hunger Diagnosis Tool is where it all begins. Whenever you feel the urge to eat simply use this tool to identify if you are feeling genuine hunger and what action to take. The app will guide you to the tools you need as and when you need to use them through on screen advice.

Mindful Eating

This section of the app gives you advice on using the Mindful Eating technique. It also provides you with a simple and innovative tool to slow the pace of your eating down.

Craving Buster

The Craving Buster is an excellent way of reducing strong cravings, notice them reduce as you conduct this exercise against the clock. You can access this tool immediately whenever you’re out and about in the event of a craving and the best thing about it is it will just look as though you are using your smart phone rather than using some elaborate techniques that can lead to people thinking you’re a little loopy.

Wellness Coach

With WeightLess you are never alone in your journey. Enable this feature to receive tips on nutrition, exercise and motivational quotes to keep you focused 24/7.


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